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I have modified my exhaust again, the dual shorty pipes were not faring well in performance and were too loud/ricey sounding.

I cut my whole exhaust up and welded a 2-1 with larger diameter pipes

2" from 90 degree to Y, rear cyl
Stock 1-3/4" pipe from front
2-1/2" collector
3-1/2" outlet

ImageUploadedByMO Free1411562674.247817.jpg ImageUploadedByMO Free1411562694.200691.jpg ImageUploadedByMO Free1411562708.443838.jpg

I have since wrapped the pipe in header wrap and will never look back

Best sounding, best looking, best performance I have gotten out of this bike. It feels like it got an extension on the powerband, it has hard pull all the way from 4500k to 7900k. I actually got a new top speed after playing with the map on it
(Probably the reason my 6th and 5th gear went out as well)

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Your choice of larger diameter combined with richer mixtureseams to be a foolproof combination.Any mod I've tried from Kerker exhaust to any abrupt diameter reduction transition has resulted in a total dead flat spot in rev building,back pressure waves I understand.Its sure fun to experiment when you have the tools and talent to use them.
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