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Input is welcome on my next V2 project.

I have some ideas for an aluminum rack for a soft tail bag and stand off racks for soft saddle bags.

The tail bag rack would bolt to the frame and existing luggage rack approximately 1/2" above the stock rack surface. This four bolt method provides a very rigid and stable platform and bit more clearance to avoid the stock rack hand rails.

I imagine most people would want front to back useful length of 11" (not including tie down points). Width could be anything from 11" to 24".

The tail bag rack plate would be 3/16" 5052 or 6061-T6 aluminum (I'll have to check the permissible bend radii).

The side bag racks I have in mind at the moment would get bags up high enough to clear the pipe, out far enough to not be fouled by the stock rack hand rails, and provide back support to keep the bags out of the wheel's domain. I am imagining using th three stock luggage rack mounting points. Two on the frame under the tail/rear seat and one to the passenger peg rack mount locations.

Input and expression of desires are welcome. There could be a provision for customization for each owner, much like our auxiliary shelf.

Oh, and we would shoot for 1/2 the price of the normal commercial offerings.
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