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V-Stromming away (soon)

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I just bought a 2005 V-Strom. The bike was laid down by the previous owner. It needs some work. The bike runs and drives great, but needs a new front end. No fork, frame, engine, or sub-frame damage. Gauges, light assembly, fairing stay, headlight fairing,left side fairing, bar ends, all need to be replaced.

The bike came with Givi Monokey racks, side bags and tail bag . Staintune exhaust, Contour bars, center-stand, new on the bike rear Metzler Tourance, %50 front Tourance, and an extra un-mounted front Tourance. Extra rear brake caliper, pads, and disc. Oil filter.

I rode the bike, and it is a blast! I cannot wait to get this thing on the street. It is a little tall for me, but lowering is always an option.

I currently have a 2005 YZF600r, that I love. Its versatile, it can do track days, ride 2-up, and do some sport-touring, and it is pretty good around town. I've even done some dirt. But with 2-up and camping gear it's a little crowded, plus around 300 miles is all we can really do in a day without being absolutely miserable.

I've been looking at this type of bike for a while. So when this came up, I thought it would be a great opportunity to experience one.

Really looking forward to adventuring on it.

It has 19,982 miles, I paid $1400.

Now, I have to get to work!

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