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V-Strom 800: A man can dream...

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The DL1000 is discontinued. Aside from adding ABS, the DL650 hasn't really had a major change, well, since it was introduced. And don't get me wrong; I love my '09 DL650A. But sometimes I could use a little more power. Not as much as a 1000 - let's split the difference.

Hey, Suzuki – Why not a DL800(A)? Both BMW and Triumph have jumped into this segment, and they're selling some motorcycles. Imagine the same displacement in the bulletproof (well, bullet-resistant) V-Strom engine. Add an inch or two in ground clearance if you can, but otherwise keep the ergonomics pretty much the same. The bigger engine would allow for a bigger generator, too - a popular request. And if you could put out a model that's already "off-road-ready," like the new Tiger 800XC, but a couple grand cheaper...

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but it seems like such an obvious idea to me... Hopefully, Suzuki is studying the Beemer and the Tiger, scribbling notes and murmuring in Japanese... "Yes... we can do this better, and cheaper..."
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The 800 cc bikes are dead as soon as Moto GP goes back to 1000's.

Stick a modified Bandit engine in the DL 1000 frame ?.
Change the crank so it's flat plane to get more torque, a tweak to the ECU and it's done.

If it's a bit wide, just add factory crash bars ;)


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OK say they were to do it.What engine would you use ? A whole new design?
Same design, I would think, just bigger. It's gotta be a 90° V-twin, or it's not a "V"-Strom. Otherwise it's a boxer-Strom or a parallel-Strom.

I know it's not as easy as just upsizing everything 24%, but a new Suzuki 800cc 90° V-twin could also power an SV800 - might as well go after the folks who are looking at the new BMW F800R, too.

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The 800 cc bikes are dead as soon as Moto GP goes back to 1000's. Pete
HUH? Moto GP engine displacement rules, will certainly have nothing to do with an engine that would be designed for a new Zook adventure bike to replace the existing Strom.

Personally, I'd like to see the new Strom come in at 750cc or less, to squeak under the insurance hit of the bigger bikes.
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