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I received a message from another Stromtrooper, asking about roads in Utah. I'm starting a thread so y'all can give your two cents as well.

[Long] Hwy 89 from Logan to Bear Lake. From Bear Lake, one can go South to Woodruff then West on SR39 over Monte Cristo and back to Ogden past Pineview reservoir.
From Pineview, one can go North and take North Ogden Divide through the mountains or South and take SR 167 Trapper's Loop; both short diversions. Make sure you do Ogden Canyon at least once.
[Short] From Morgan, South on SR66 past East Canyon Reservoir, a local favorite!
[Short] SR189 American Fork Canyon from Provo to Heber.
[Long] Hwy 6 from Spanish Fork to Price is a main road, but beautiful in it's own right. Also the most dangerous road in Utah. But, if one has some extra time, take the Hwy 89 South turnoff in Spanish Fork Canyon, go to Fairview, UT and take SR31 over the mountain range to Huntington. Well worth the detour.
[Very long] SR12 from SR24 to Hwy 89. I've never taken it, but I've heard wonderful things. Supposed to be the most beautiful ride in the state.
[Short] If you find yourself near Natural Bridges National Monument, with quantifiably the darkest skies in the contiguous United States, you MUST take SR261 South to The Goosenecks State Park. The road drops 1100 feet at Moki Dugway in 3 miles.
[Short] Arches National Park. I like to stay at the Lazy Lizard hostel in Moab.
[Long] Island in the Sky, near Moab, SR313, Grandview Point Road.
[Short] Any road out of Moab, along the Colorado River.
[Long] The LaSal Loop Road out of and back to Moab. Reaches ~10,000ft. A good escape from the desert heat.

Dirt: For me, this is where it's at!
{easy} Arches National Park. Talk to the ranger about local conditions and to pick good trails.
{Hardcore} The White Rim Bench near Moab. Careful, most will tell you a 'Strom has no business there! 112 miles.
{Easy} Buckhorn Draw Road. If you have time, the best way North or South across the San Rafael Swell, better than Hwy 6 or Hwy 89. Highly Recommended! Moderate route finding. Lots of rock art.
{Easy} Black Dragon Wash. Very short, you will need directions. On I70, near the bottom of the San Rafael Reef, look for a wash and overpass with a dirt road next to it, West of the San Rafael River. There are accesses from both sides. Leave all gates as you found them. Lots of rock art, strong cellphone signal, always shade, no camping.
{Hardcore} The West Desert. This area is completely desolate. Be prepared. There are several access points: Wendover (not recommended,) AF bombing range access road at exit 62 on I80, and the Golden Spike National Historic Site West of Brigham City. One can also access the West Desert by the railroad causeway across the Great Salt Lake. This is my favorite, but I have no idea if it's legal. From the Golden Spike National historic Site, one can access the Spiral Jetty, and follow the old railroad grade all the way to Nevada. Lots of ghost towns.
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