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Interesting facts I found at a National Used bike listing service;

Today, there are 95,319 bikes for sale broken down this way:

H-D- 26,836 units
Honda- 20,019 units
Yamaha- 19681 units
Suzuki- 16,002 units
Kawasaki- 12,781 units

These include all years and all are used.

Further, Suzuki breaks down the top six as follows:

GSXR- 1,457 units
RM- 584 units
DR-Z- 367 units
SV- 322
GS-X- 289 units
V-Stroms-279 (both 650 and 1000)

I flipped through about a dozen pages of the listings and Wee's out number Vees by around 3 or 4 to 1. Probably due to the fact that many more Wees are sold then Vees...but that's just speculation on my part....draw your own conclusions.

For whatever it's worth...........

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