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Just thought I'd offer an experience in hopes others won't get caught in same manner.

Using my Garmin GPSmpa 60cx on trip to BC I had preloaded some time ago complete maps of Canada instead of the pre-loaded basemap and have used them for some months now. In prep for the trip I had developed , on my PC, using those detailed Mapsource maps (MetroGuide Canada V4), a set of pre-planned routes and POIs for the trip and I transferred them to the GPS.

The dialogue box came up during the transfer and asked what I wanted to transfer. Since I had the same current detailed maps already in the GPS, I deselected that option and confirmed transfer of waypoints, POIs and routes I had planned using the exact same maps as in the PC software. The transfer took a few seconds and I did not sanity test the upload other than confirm a few custom waypoints were there.

On the road however, I got a surprise when the GPS told me to drive straight across Lake Okanagan (rather than take the bridge) to get to my destination! An even greater tragedy was all my custom POIs for all the Tim Horton's in Canada , and the proximity alarms I had set, were lost-now I was really alone and stranded! (I figure I can kill a bear/deer to eat but how do you hunt a large double double?)

It appears than unless you actually load the maps again, the upload overwrote the detailed maps and on that happening, the GPS defaults to the built-in basemap rendering my GPS with a next to useless map set (base) that had directions to go "where no man had boldly gone before". A message indicating "no roads appear at that starting point" came on several times when I tried to set a route.

The Garmin help desk confirmed that when loading a device from a PC, you should transfer the new set of maps as well, even if they're the same as what's in the GPS. It would be nice if the dialog box warned you of this overwrite condition - however, such is software quality and or the level of trust placed in it by the operator.

Fortunately I had a good set of road maps as well so no issues but found it irritating to say the least and wanted to share so no one else runs into the same problem again.

Safe riding

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