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I got the coocase last year, and generally speaking I like it.
It had some connection problems with cheap wires that kept breaking their solder point, but after I replaced all the wires with thicker ones, things have been working fine so far.

The running/brake lights were very soft; my riding buddies commented more than once that it is hard to see me braking..

Found this thread: • View topic - Improved Brake Lights on a Coocase

When I opened the coocase I found that there were just two LEDs on each side, and they had a large 460ohm capacitor in series. No wonder the running and brake lights were so dim.

First, I got these 2 LED strips from ebay for ~$6, shipping included!! (Note: I have no idea who the seller is, I do know he is from Hong Kong, no affiliation what so ever)
2 pieces of Car Motorcycle PVC Red 24cm 24 LED Flexible Light Strip 12V | eBay

I had some doubts, but the LED strips are very good quality and are very bright.

The LED strips were curled into a circle, and connected instead of original LEDs, but without any resistor in-series. The coocase already has other resistors in-series (in the feeding wires), and nothing will happen to the LEDs (I did some experiments with resistors to validate that).

And the results:
1. No lights

2. Running lights

3. Brake lights

As can be seen in the photos, the LED lights are very bright, they almost have the same brightness as the main brake light below.

I cut with scissors some of the original inner silver sheet in order to allow all the LEDs to show.

I also noticed that the lights have a face like shape - I remember GreyWolf commented on that desired psychological attribute with automotive lights on some other thread. It was something I designed, but it looks like a what the heck..I hope people notice it and stop.

Very happy with this farkle, it is the best value and also chepest farkle on my bike, highly recommended!
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