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Hi Blair,

I'd like to move my grips at least/around 1" up & 1" back but I want to keep my column compatible with a Scott's stabilizer for when the 2012 fitment kit arrives. It seems as though the best way to achieve this is different bars.

Do you have a recommendation?


ps -- I love the 14t counter shaft sprocket UG you sent me. I can almost crawl! It makes me wonder about a 13t, perhaps before my next trip to the Himal! :mrgreen:

After my scott's (and a polish of the cajones), I should be ready for the Isle of Man. :mod_lol::laugh:

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Up and back bars? Compatible with the Scotts Stabilizer

Hi, It is best for you to Email me Directly on this. There are a number of Threads on the Forum that discuss how to do this, Ace Rider has some very good threads on it and pioneered this mod,

Email me Directly at [email protected] and I will be happy to help you out right away,

You need to use the rotating Rox 3" combination to get it to work out and then it can be done quite easily, You will need extended Galfer SS Front Brake Lines for your bike to make it work out,

I have all the parts you need including the Rox Risers. SS Line Kits and Scotts Stabilizer to allow you to complete the installation,

The Scotts Stabilizer is superb on our bikes,

Let me know whenever you are ready,

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,
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