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A review of three new to me items on my road trip into Mexico last month.
Garmin nuvi 2557 LMT GPS
LD Comfort Compression shorts, dry socks, and the helmet/head liner.
Klim Induction Perforated Leather Gloves

The Garmin has the latest 2015 north America map loaded. I had to upgrade my mac a couple of releases in order to use the garminexpress site.
Next was where to locate unit and how. And how to power it.
I ended up going with the RAM mount system and attached the base to the handlebar near the clutch so that the unit would be easy to see. I also bought the holder and 4 inch extension. I like this location and will keep it there.

To power the unit I (after a struggle) attached a couple of posi taps to the heated grips wires. I had to pull off the radiator hose to access them. I then attached a casco all weather power outlet to the wires and used a hose clamp and a rubber bumper from under the seat to secure it to bike. I like the way it powers up automatically when I start the bike and the way it warns me that it will shut down unless I cancel. It has batteries. So I can keep it on all the time or pull the plug if I want and take it with me.

I really appreciated the gps in Mexico. It is nice knowing you are on the right road. It is also nice to tap the upper info portion of the screen and bring the turn by turn instructions into view. This way you can verify where you are going and preview the route. It is not water proof, but I figured I would put it in a bag and then in my pocket or tank bag if it looked like rain. But as is sometime the case I did not hit a drop of rain in Mexico which is not normally the case in July. They told me it rained a lot in May and June, but almost stopped in July. I chose this unit at $150 because it had the maps I wanted and I did not want to spend the big bucks for something I will only use occasionally. Maybe later. Anyways I’m sold on the gps.

The LD Comfort items worked as advertised in the Texas heat. Most of Mexico was cool actually because I was at 5000 feet most of the time except for Xilitla. I don’t really like compression gear, but I will use them when necessary. So I give this gear a thumbs up too. The socks and liner are now essential items for me.

The Klim gloves seem to be well made with nice safety features for a summer glove. They do flow a ton of air as they say, with the hand guards not so much, but that was to be expected. I ordered my usual size XL, but they seemed big at first. Later they seemed to fit ok, but I then noticed the excess material in the palm of the hand. This is a real concern and makes them unusable to some riders I suspect. Also the two Velcro straps are borderline short. A bit of a hassle to secure them, but safer. I wanted to like these $150 gloves more than I do. They are nice, but the fit is lacking and I’m not sure going down a size would fix the issues I have with them. I will use them for now, but I will look down the road for something with a better fit.

So there you have it.
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