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Heya Suzy,

Gotta say it...I love your V-Strom...and as you can guess by the membership here, many others do as well. Only one issue really sits in my mind when I compare you guys to other companies. Ready for it?

Kawasaki has a Youtube channel. So does Buell. And Honda. And BMW. H-D has one, also. As does Triumph.

That list could go on. It isn't that I want to see you guys have a channel too (thought that would be sweet), it is that I want to see your marketing. You need to tell people what it is like to go somewhere on a Suzuki. You guys have an INCREDIBLE model range...something to fill pretty much every market in biking today. On top of that, you build GOOD bikes. However, lots of people don't know that because you don't show them.

I suggest you guys n gals find out where people are going on a Suzuki and tell the story. You were off to an ok start with the release of the Gladius, but it just wasn't all quite there.
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