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Hi guys,
I tried to find information about this in the forum but I couldn't find much...
I am starting to think about farkling and equipping my DL650 2012 with stuff and I am a little lost in translation here... :nerd:

In order to make it easier for new folk like me and for the not-so-new but still looking, I would love to make with everybody's help a compatibility combination of:


To help people decide on what combination could work that matches their budget and style / needs. And maybe also provide links to find the cheapest options? And we can add rear rack options too, just for budgeting and pros and cons of all the elements.
I have only seen information scattered around the forums, but not a compilation of possibilities. We could maybe do another post for 2004-2011, and 2016-2019???

Maybe we could start by listing all the different element, and then put what people have found that would be able to be mounted around them. If you have a different item in your DL650 that I dont have listed, please add! If you KNOW that a combination of certain items will work, please note them!

An example could be, for instance:

S1 + CB1 + E2 Works (notes: I had to bend, cut, drill, etc modify something to make it work.

PLEASEEEE UPDATE, CHANGE, OR ADD WHAT YOU THINK ITS NECESSARY!!! This could be a great resource that everyone could benefit from! :grin2:

:fineprint: WEE 2012-2016 - ACCESSORIES LIST

S1 - Enduro Guardian - (ARE THEY AVAILABLE STILL?)
S2 - Givi - RP3101 - $171
S3 - SW-Motech - MSS.05.759.10001/B - $286
S4 - Moose Racing - $131
S5 - Happy Trails - HTP7-5-88-XX - $167 + $68
S6 - Ravetech - DLSP - $170
S7 - Weld 86 - $165
S8 - AlumSkidPlateDL6502012+ - $125
S9 - Touratech - #390-5135 - $250
S10 - Outback Motortek (Short) - $149
S11 - Outback Motortek (Langar II) - $310

CB1 - GIVI - TN3101 - $180
CB2 - Kappa - KN3101 - $180
CB3 - 2012-2018 Suzuki OEM -
CB4 - SW-Motech - SBL.05.757.10000.B - $200
CB5 - Altrider - $371
CB6 - Outback Motortek - $260
CB7 - Hepco & Becker - $210
CB8 - Happy Trails - Nerf Bards - $199
CB9 - Puig - #949437 - $170

CS1 - OEM - #42100-06870 - $255
CS2 - SW-Motech - $252
CS3 - MotoBrackets - 269702 - $94
CS4 - CosmoMotoAccesories - DLStand - $160
CS5 - Happy Trails - all years - $170
CS6 - Outback Motortek - $235

E1 - Akrapovic 2004-2012 - $803
E2 - Two Brothers M2 - $661
E3 - Yoshimura - R77 ¾ 2007-16 - $647
E4 - Delkevic - (Any slip-on) - $250
E5 - GPR - S-181-GHI - $479
E6 - GPR - S-181-TRI - $440
E7 - GPR - S-181-FUCA - $540
E8 - DanMoto - EX-01222 - $390
E9 - FUEL - $350
E10 - MIVV - $380
E11 - Suzuki Stock

PR1 - Givi PL 3101/PRL 3101 - $190-$234
PR2 - OEM Suzuki - 990D0-11J00-065 - $328
PR3 - Moose Racing Expedition - $305
PR4 - Touratech - #390-5560 - $400
PR5 - Happy Trails - #HTP7--12-1.1T - $289
PR6 - Kappa - KLR3101 -


Known combinations:

Combination 1: S1 + CB1 + E2
Combination 1: S8 + CS4

:eek:rig_confused: COMBINATION QUESTIONS

Could somebody clarify if this next combinations could work together?

QUESTION 1: S8 + CB1 + CS3 + E4

I hope we can start sharing some good info! :)

PS: (BTW! is ENDURO GUARDIAN SKID PLATE still available? couldnt find it anywhere online!)

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The owner of Enduro Guadian expressed a desire to sell off what he had and go out of business over a year ago.

The RP3101 is available for $167.40. It mounts without crash bars and so is independent of what crash bars are used.

You can not use a slip on exhaust on the stock DL650 headers. The header pipe is welded to the muffler. This makes changing exhausts on the DL650 an expensive proposition for very little gain. Which is why converting the stock muffler from a mechnical baffle type muffler to an absorption type (straight through with dampening material) is so cool. See VSRI for a project that did this.

There is also a great deal of information comparing the various skid pans on VSRI. There are some important differences in ground clearance (e.g., like the one that catches on railroad tracks) and compatibility is discussed.

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Hi richlandrick,

Thanks for the info about Enduro Guardian. I was suspecting something of that nature. Good for him!

I am aware that you cannot use a slip on type exhaust on the Vstrom. I had a typo on my list on the Akrapovic, the Delkevic exhausts you can purchase any slip-on from them after you obtain a full set from them. They have around 8 models for the Vstrom that just swaps the slip-on (I am considering the Delkevic for my Vstrom 2012...) I am a cheapo hehe.

Pretty cool idea on that post you shared! I wonder if it would be that easy with 2012-15 model.:confused:

I didn't know about VSRI! Thanks man. Lots of good info there!
I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do this and just have it in one place where people could not only find out if a skid plate would work with an exhaust and center stand (which seems to be the biggest problem) but also I think its pretty cool do a little compendium of PRICES for them other major accessories like: Crash bars, luggage racks, etc. :nerd:

Let me guys know if this is a good idea or not! :) Will not be offended if not. But if you guys think it could be we can build this data with all the people that know more than I do, specially with experience!

Thanks guys!

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Natharus, too many variables, first you have to nail down what type of riding the DL owner plans on doing. Once that is established you will have two or three 'objective' based lists. Then the list will prioritize based on funds available.

For me, a long range rider that rides days to go off pavement will want suspension upgrades first, then a custom seat, 50/50 tires, electronic cruise control, skid plate, engine guards, bark busters, wind control(windshield), fender raising kit, peg lowering kit, off road mx pegs, soft waterproof panniers & tail box,...etc

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My $.02-
Skip the exhaust and put your money towards things that are needed and not wanted. For instance- protect the bike with crash bars and handguards with a good brace. I've dropped my bike numerous times and these two things saved a decent amount of damage. Then, buy things that will help your comfort. I'm tall, so lowered pegs helped a bunch, then this year I got the Givi AirFlow screen and it made a HUGE difference. 80mph riding is comfortable now. Also, the skid plate is a must. That oil filter is just hanging out there waiting to get torn off. I've had quite a few rocks bang off mine when I've been off road. You might be able to find a luggage rack used online somewhere. It sure is nice to have hard cases when you travel. Also, this year I got a Shad 46 top case. Nice to have lockable storage when I don't have the hard cases on.

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I'd add the Hyde racing plastic skid plate to the list. Lightest skid plate as far as I know and many suggest it really offers great protection with no additional noise.
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