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One sighting yesterday (Saturday) in Sugar Grove, VA (10 miles south of Marion on Highway 16) and one sighting today (two Stroms traveling together) at the Marion VA end of "The Back of the Dragon".

All were first-gen Stroms.

The bike at a market in Sugar Grove was a red VEE. Was traveling with three or four other bikes / riders, which included a BMW and some Harleys or Harley-like bikes. I spoke with the tall, slender Vee rider and mentioned this forum but didn't ask for his name.

The two Stroms today were probably just completing a "Back of the Dragon" run, as they were riding beside Hungry Mother Lake along Highway 16 - southbound, at roughly 5 PM today - headed into Marion just a few miles away. Saw them from the visitor center (some distance away) so can't be sure of colors - maybe silver or gray and black - just guesses really. I made a quick run of part of "The Back..." afterwards in their honor. :hurray:
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