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Two Glees, One Valve Tick (funny sound)

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Hi guys!

Just brought home a 12 650 with 11k miles. In listening to it, it has a pronounced tick coming from the rear cylinder. My 14 650 with 55k miles does not have this tick.

What are your best guesses? Needs a valve adjustment? Not a worry, goes away in time? Cam chain?

Thanks in advance :)


No tick:
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The idle rpms of the 2014 seems higher, correct? Does the tick go away if rpms are raised some?

If that is not it a valve check will tell you if there is anything amiss with the cam chain or if there is something wrong with the valves themselves.
It does sound mechanical but others have been fooled by a very tiny exhaust leak from the rear header. Take a piece of hose and put one near your ear and move the other end to various points around the engine and see if you can localize where the sound is coming from. Also, valves tighten over time so it is not the valve gaps but it could be something wrong with the cam chain or tensioner as @blaustrom mentioned.
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