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My favorite truck pulled into the driveway today....

Here are a few pictures of what was in the truck: comparison photos against stock DL1000 (Vstrom) seat - the difference vs the stock DL650 seat wold be much more evident.

Overall, excellent workmanship, top quality. This is the "raised" seat (optional). The butt stopper (where the V-Strom embroidery is) seems to provide support for my lower back and keeps my hips in place.

Didn't get out for a ride (rain....) but overall very impressed. I think I sit up straighter. The saddle is wider than stock (or DL1000) seat.

Made by: Top Sellerie, France. >website< I put my email address on the "in case we have extra stock and want to sell them cheap" list, and in doing so reduced the price from 241 Euro to 158 Euro (+70 Euro shipping via post to Canada). On import the Federal Gov't collected an additional $55 CDN in Goods / Services Tax.

The only question now is whether or not to send either the DL1000 seat or the DL650 seat back to France (they put an additional 199 Euro hold on the credit card, and bill you for the seat pan if you don't send them back yours within 45 days of your new seat shipping). I'll have to look at freight costs vs. the exchange rate $CDN to Euro.

I placed my order on the evening of Feb 5, 2010 and the product was out for delivery yesterday ... Feb 23, 2010. Not bad considering the distance, the international shipping, and 2 national postal services having their grubby paws on it.

Will post some additional thoughts once I've put in some seat time, but initial impressions are very positive.



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I know that seat would not work for me, I dislike any pressure on my lower back down by the coccyx bone pushing me forward AND tilting me forward. Any attempt to make it wider is a good thing though.

I'm in the process of re-doing my seat and the first thing I'm doing is knocking down that hump to give me more range of motion front/back. If I were to need any back support it would be in the form of an independent seat back that just supported the bend in my lower back that didn't touch my butt.

Seat options are a real personal thing, I would hate to be a seat manufacturer and try to make a seat work for someone with just info over the phone.

I truly hope you find seat nirvana with it:thumbup:

Ron W.
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