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Trip & Tires

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Just got back last night from my annual trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee from Arkansas. 2,250 Miles in 6 days, by the 6th day I was wishing I had gotten a Russell Day Long seat but all in all, stock seat with a sit & fly was adequate enough for me. We did the Tail of the dragon, Devils Triangle, Blue Ridge Parkway, Foothills Parkway (part is closed), found ourselves down into Georgia at one point and a whole lot of places in between. We usually start off the day with a general plan on where we're going but once we get started we usually find ourselves deviating off and seeing where something takes. I put some new Pirelli Angel GT tires on about 2 weeks before I left, all I can say is if anyone is keeping their bike on-road an need a recommendation on a tire, these are awesome. Tried them out in rain for a few hours, straights, twisties...a little of everything and they were awesome. It's been a long time since I've leaned a bike over and drug my foot on the road. Tires were planted in everything I put them through. Good trip, already booked for our 7th year next year.
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