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I just returned home from a 2642 mile trip that started in Cadillac MI to the BMW MOA open house in Ballwin MO to Memphis, TN to the Barber museum in Birmingham, AL to Deals Gap to the Blue Ridge Parkway to Chicago and finally home to MI.

My Strom ran perfectly (as usual) ...48.97 MPG with the 16T sprocket. The weather for the first four days was great, then rain for most of the remainder, but thats ok...bad weather riding beats good weather working, any day in my book.

If you have an opportunity to visit the Barber, DO IT! Motorcycle sensory over load....and well worth the price of admission. :mrgreen:

The Dragon was fun but too many people crossing the double yellow for my comfort level. :thumbdown:

The Blue Ridge was so foggy that visibility was 20 feet at times. 10 MPH just creeping along for almost two hours was exhausting! :yikes:Needless to say I only completed 200 miles of it. The second day there was worse than the first and the locals were suggesting stay off of I headed to Chicago where i hung out with friends and family.

The ride back to MI was mostly rain but I got back in one piece and now I am planning my next journey. :thumbup:

Pictures will follow...
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