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I'm kind of hurting here. My personal computer has badly crashed...... I am working off of a laptop that was loaned to me by a friend.

I left Friday morning, Aug 13, rode up through Fort Kent and out on to the Gaspe Peninsula. I camped at Riviere du Matane Campground, (this is a place I have stayed at 4 times now.).

First Day 416 miles.

Aug 14, I rode along the N. Shore until I got to the intersection of Rt 132 and Rt 299. I headed South on Rt 299, through the Chic Choc region of the Gaspe, (pronounced, "Shick Shock").

Rt 299 came highly recommended to me as a, "great road" to ride. I was hoping that maybe it could better Rt 381 through the Charlevoix region. It doesn't. Rt 299 is okay, and the scenery is nice, but to me, it doesn't compare to the drama of Rt 381.

In New Richmond, I visited some of the people who helped me last year with my lost oil cap and pouched start switch. I was also torn about which way to ride; East to Cap-Bon-Ami, or West to Grand Falls for the night. I decided on Miscou Island........

I made it there in time to take my second photo of the year next to the famous lighthouse. I camped in Shippagan last night.

Miles for day 2 = 401

I rode home from Miscou Island today. I used my "standard" itinerary of dirt roads and back roads to get me home.

Miles for day 3 = 500

Total miles for the three days, were just under 1,318 miles.

Hopefully, I will figure out this old laptop to be able to post a few photos tomorrow!!!!

(I am within realistic striking distance of 80,000 miles by the end of September.)

(To the "anonomous donor", Thank You for gift of the used Trailwings! I removed the nail, plugged the hole, and rode the tires there and back. Some very hard won mileage too!!! Not one problem!).
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