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The Travel Registry has moved from it's previous hosting site to the NEW STROMTROOPER BLOGS!!!!!!! (the previous site will be deleted in the next few days)

The purpose of the travel registry is multifold. It is a resource for those traveling to have emergency contacts in case of trouble, it is a resource for those looking for camping space or perhaps even a postal drop to send supplies too so that they are available at that point of their trip. For those that post contact information it is a chance to meet people who share your passion not only in choice of motorcycles but in the ride and the travel that those motorcycles facilitate. I encourage you to post contact information to help out others or simply to meet and experience in the travels of others.

If you are planning on traveling or find yourself on the road needing help, the people who have posted want you to contact them, there is no need to be embarrassed or shy, they would not have posted contact information if they didn't want to hear from you or help you. If you are considering posting contact information, you may protect your privacy by limiting it solely too a pm contact here on the forum or go so far as many have by including phone numbers. There is no requirement for the amount of help or information you supply.

If you would like to be added please feel free to comment on the blog, pm me or email me at [email protected]. If you want further info on contacting me... well check the blog.

Strom Travel

In the meantime, please let me know how to make it better, additions, etc you think would make it better. The next several days I will make it as user friendly as possible and your help doing it is appreciated.

The Strom Travel Registry will only post information you tell me too. Please contact me to modify, add or delete your information.
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