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First of all... I speak some English but sometimes I need to use the translator. Forgive me if I don't explain myself well at times.

I have been planning this trip for a long time. Work and the difficulty to take a week off during the high holiday season made it a bit complicated. In Spain, everybody goes on vacation in August... And if you decide to go in July or September, you are a heretic or someone with a lot of money. What is it to go on vacation when others may still need you? And how can you do it if you are just a humble worker?

After 12 years since I set up my computer company, and as I am the only boss and worker... this time I was going to do whatever I wanted.

So, not to extend too much, and for those who want to do the same route, I start with the map of the first part of the trip. These maps have been taken from my google maps chronology, so, it is exactly where I have passed.

First Part :

I am going to exclude the tedious route from Sevilla to Salamanca, and also a part of it until the beginning of the trip. There are some nice places, but it would be too long and I think the real interesting part is in the Pyrenees.

Map World Atlas Parallel Rectangle

We start our trip at the Higuer Lighthouse. This route is also called "Transpirenaica". In a romantic way, we take a handful of sand or earth from this area, to take it to the lighthouse which is at the other end of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Cap de Creus.

The arrival to this lighthouse is from Hondarribia. I arrive in Hondarribia and I find an incredible traffic jam. I consider myself quite civilized on two wheels, but after many minutes waiting, I use the advantage of the bike to "slightly" invade the opposite lane and overtake several cars. Behind me, many other bikers do the same. But... Surprise... A local policeman sees me, and fortunately, he is not like the policemen in the south of Spain, who are only interested in fining to meet a daily quota.

The little experience I have with the authorities in the north, they are exceptional. They are pleasant and don't think so much about money. The police in the north will warn you without a fine, and they treat you very well.

Police : — Lane encroachment... very serious! — As he gives me an "I'll spare your life" look.
Me : — I'm so sorry agent — As I put my hand on my chest completely shitting myself.

I continue on my way to the lighthouse, holding the traffic jam, until I finally reach the beginning of the route.

Wheel Tire Sky Fuel tank Plant

After taking the usual photo, I head for "Saint Ettiene de Baigorry", a small town in the south of France. I start to really enjoy the trip, with a calm temperature, and the northern vegetation becoming more and more noticeable.

Plant Tire Wheel Vehicle Motorcycle

For those of you who don't know much about Spain... For a long time, there was a "terrorist" band called "ETA" that practiced armed struggle against Spain in order to achieve the independence of the Basque Country. They tried this way for more than 40 years, until 2011, when they announced the "definitive cessation of their armed activity".

So, nowadays, many people fight for the prisoners of that band to be in prisons close to their place of origin. The Spanish state has Basque prisoners scattered all over the country. In the photo we can see "PRESOAK ETXERA" which means "Basque Prisoners to the Basque Country".

Sky Plant Slope Highland Road surface

Finally, I arrive in Saint Etienne de Baigorry. It has a striking church, so, to immortalize the moment, I take some quick photos. I am impressed by the respect that the Basques and the southern French have for nature. Everything fits perfectly with the environment, not only that, it blends and gives rise to very beautiful things.

Sky Plant Wheel Property Building

The "transpirenaica" route is constantly changing countries. Now, I'm going back down to the Basque Country. The landscape is not yet fully Pyrenean... I had no idea about the climate of the Pyrenees, I thought it would be like in the photos, but soon you will see that it is another planet.

Cloud Sky Vehicle Plant Automotive tire

Even though it is July, many people in Spain (like me) take the opportunity to go on vacation and avoid the crowds of August. A setback with one of the hotels forces me to stay in "Monasterio de Leyre", further south of the Pyrenees.

Sky Building Window Plant Grass

Wheel Car Sky Tire Vehicle

Second Part :

Map World Atlas Parallel

I leave the monastery. The night has been horrible, the monastery was quite beautiful, although it was so hot that the only thing I wanted to do was to go into my room and ... Surprise! No air conditioning.

Climate change is taking many hotels and lodges by surprise. Places where air conditioning was not necessary before due to the cold at night, are now real ovens.

So, after a night of dogs, I continue with the route.

Everything starts to get more and more interesting. The landscape changes, it becomes Pyrenean, and I start to have fun. Tight curves that force me to ride like Valentino Rossi... I can't go too fast, and sometimes, I meet cars that force me to take the curve in a different way.

I am in the mountain pass of LARRA-BELAGUA. Here begins the good part, a spectacle for the eyes.

Tire Wheel Sky Land vehicle Vehicle

I meet a biker coming from Switzerland. I could see the Swiss flag on his license plate.

- Hello, where are you coming from?

- Swiss man : Ehmmm -- He didn't know to tell me that he came from Switzerland, so he showed me his license plate, where before I could see the flag of his country.

- Ah! Switzerland! What a trip! I come from the South of Spain, from Seville.

- Swiss man : Do you know if it's raining at the top? I see a lot of cloud.

- No, that's fog, a very dense fog, but I don't think there will be a problem, it won't rain. Part of my route goes through here and I plan to go up, I looked at the weather on my cell phone and they say it won't rain.

For a while we were talking about the kilometers of his bike, a Suzuki SV650. He proudly showed me the kilometers of his bike.

- It's very hot even here, climate change is taking its toll....

- Swiss man : In Switzerland it is the same, this is unstoppable. Everything looks very bad.

- You know, we don't know what will happen tomorrow, so let's not complain, let's make the most of it while we can.

We had a hard time understanding each other, but I think it was a nice conversation. We shook hands and wished each other bon voyage.


Well guys, I'll finish this in the next few days.... Besides I can't put more pictures in one post, so, I'll rest a little bit. See you soon!

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Part three :

I said goodbye to the "Swiss man", and continued on my way into the dense fog. Something was bothering me a lot about the Vstrom... Before arriving at these places of pleasant temperatures, a strange noise when changing gear left me totally frightened. It happened at high temperatures, going uphill, and it would influence me negatively for part of the trip. It sounded like "little balls in a metal bottle", or as if you were squeezing a plastic until it broke.

Today, I have no idea what happened, many of you on the forum told me to look for a dealer as soon as possible, but.... In the middle of nowhere, at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, interrupting a trip that has been my dream for months...

I took a chance, and went ahead.

One of my big flaws is that I'm a pretty perfectionist person with my bikes, so when something goes wrong, it stuns me. But I couldn't imagine that the beauty of these green and leafy places would make me forget the demons of abandoning the trip...

The "Swiss man" was following me, and overtook me into the thick fog... But... further ahead I saw him turn around, refusing to enter the world of "The Lord of the Rings". Later I would understand why.

That fog was so thick that the bike was soaked almost instantly. I saw how the water almost seemed to come out of the motorcycle itself, it was like a living being...

Visibility was zero, and I could only trace the curve thanks to my GPS. My clothes started to get completely soaked... But all this had a gift, and as I slowly descended, the fog dissipated, I found this :

Cloud Sky Bicycle Plant Mountain

Tire Wheel Plant Cloud Vehicle

Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Plant Motorcycle

More coming soon :)

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Part 4 :

I leave Larra-Belagua towards Arette, a French village which in turn will lead me to Arudy.

The road between Arette and Arudy is another of those places that immerses you in an elven and medieval world. The miles are not yet heavy, and I'm fascinated by the landscape, it's like a drug.

But just like drugs, something very curious happens with these dream landscapes. You get anesthetized.

You pass by an incredible road, and you're surprised... The next one must be the same or even better, and the next one... and the next one... There comes a point where you are aware of the grandeur of the landscape, but at the same time, you know that something in the brain is automated.

But at least I am aware of it, and I try to enjoy every minute I spend in these places. I'm 42 years old, and I won't always be able to do this, you have to enjoy it, I tell myself.

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Motor vehicle

I arrive in Arette, I see a supermarket and I don't think about it. I'm a practical person, I don't complicate my life when I'm hungry. I like a good restaurant, but if I want to continue to enjoy the bike and not look for a place for hours, I go practical.

Bread in France is good everywhere... I promise you! Some sausage, bread, drink, a salad for later, and some sweets... and my day is fine.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

After lunch, I continue my route to the east. My intention is to reach Sainte Marie de Campan, another French village where I will stay. I pass through Lestelle-Bétharram, and decide to stop for a rest.

The miles start to take their toll on me. I've never ridden so far, and I'm not even 20 years old. So, I see a small public seat and lie down for almost 1 hour... It was great for my back, and I got enough rest to keep going.

I decide to stop near what looks like a church. Everything is beautiful in these places. In Spain, I'm sorry to say, we don't usually respect the harmony between the environment and the buildings. In these small villages, and even in other big cities, any building does not clash with its place.

The cleanliness and hygiene of the place, the civility... This is something I would like to see in the south of Spain. Don't get me wrong, Spain is a great country, with incredible places and we receive millions of tourists a year, but we don't invest enough in taking care of our environment or in buildings that don't clash. We don't care about that.

Tire Cloud Sky Wheel Plant

More comming soon!

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Part 5 :

Being now more rested, I leave Lestelle-Bétharram and continue my way to Sainte Marie de Campan.

I put on my helmet, and of course, I connect Spotify to my integrated headphones. In Spain it has not been legal until recently, but for me, listening to the music I like, or talking to my wife on a long or boring route, is essential. I guess for many of you it will be too.

I'm on my way... I start to feel that all the stress of work and all the months of routine are fading away. I'm sure you guys feel something similar when you go out on a bike. You are yourselves, not that version that works and is just a similar copy of the original... You look in the rear view mirror and you see yourself, you do what you want to do and you don't know what's ahead. That's living, I think.

As it could not be otherwise, I am approaching very flowery landscapes. I pass through Lourdes, Argeles-Gazost, Sazos... The whole road is a sort of peace treaty between nature and man.

Tire Wheel Cloud Sky Vehicle

Every time I get off the bike and take a picture, I think.... "Damn, I can't stop every 5 minutes to take a picture."

I try to enjoy the moment without thinking too much about the camera, but it's impossible not to get off the bike and take some pictures. This is very different from the south of Spain, much drier and deforested.

Cloud Wheel Sky Plant Tire

Wheel Tire Cloud Vehicle Sky

More comming soon!!

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Part 6 :

On the way to Sainte Marie de Campan, I pass through a beautiful village called "Luz-Saint-Sauveur".

In the middle of nowhere, between mountains, appears this beautiful village with a lot of activity. I'm so tired that I hardly take any pictures, I just want to have a coffee and stop for a while.

I am very surprised by the activity of this village. The pictures I took don't do it justice... It's something that "torments" me.... I have passed many places, but when I arrive, I am always tired, I always look for a coffee and a chair to sit down.... Afterwards, I go for a little ride and get back on the bike.

I wish I had more pictures of this place, it was beautiful and full of life.

I'm on my way to the "Col du Tourmalet", and suddenly a brutal fog appears, as in the previous mountain passes, where the visibility is zero and the bike starts to get wet. There is something very beautiful in the fog, and it will accompany me for most of the trip.

Wheel Tire Sky Photograph Vehicle

On the one hand, I love this cool and foggy atmosphere, but on the other hand, almost all the mountain passes I wanted to see, have 0 visibility.

Unfortunately, I can't show you pictures of the Tourmalet. Everything was dangerous there, I couldn't see anything, the road was wet (for the first time, I set the traction control mode "2" on the Vstrom). To top it off, in addition to the zero visibility, small stones on the road, but big enough to divert me from my path. On one occasion I stepped on one of these stones and thought I almost fell off the bike.

But, I also felt that the sense of adventure and the feeling of danger was not bad at all. I felt alive, unsure, but very much alive. I never imagined that I would have weather like this, when a little further north or south, we have 45 degrees Celsius.

In short... I have to look at this as an opportunity to go back and see these sites better, and be positive. The sense of danger and adventure cheers me up a bit, and makes up a bit for missing out on some awesome views.

As soon as I came down these passes, I went back in time, back to the elven world.

Wheel Tire Sky Plant Cloud

More in two coffes!

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Part 6 :

Ecoregion Map World Atlas Parallel

I arrive at the "Hotel Le Chalet" in Sainte Marie de Campan. The landscape has been very similar since my departure from the "Col du Tourmalet". Everything is beautiful, green, misty...

The Hotel, I recommend it... It is nice, quiet, everyone is friendly and I feel more at home than in Spain. The prices in Spain have skyrocketed, and in France, everything seems more logical... I never thought I would say it, but Spain is becoming a very expensive place for tourism.

Something strange happens with the time. Normally, when it's cloudy and it's daytime, the intensity of the sun, depending on the hours, makes itself felt in the clouds. Even if it's cloudy, you know if it's noon, if it's afternoon, or if it's evening.

In the Pyrenees, the fog and clouds are so thick that it always seems like 20:00 in the afternoon, no matter if it is early or late. So, I spend 2 days with that feeling, but I'm glad not to see the sun scorching at 40 degrees Celsius.

I leave the hotel in the direction of "Bagneres de Luchon". Suddenly, I hear a voice... it was the hotel receptionist.

"Excuse me, but, it seems that you forgot to pay".

Me: "Oh, I'm so sorry! In booking sometimes the payment is automatic, at the beginning, I got confused, I'm so sorry!

With an embarrassed face I go to pay with my debit card, hoping that they won't think I'm another cheeky guy who wants to leave without paying. I make the corresponding queue and after several smiles between me and the receptionist, I pay and say goodbye to the Hotel.

Sky Plant Cloud Asphalt Road surface

Thoughts follow one after the other. Sometimes I think about that strange noise that the Vstrom made, but everything goes right and that thought loses intensity. I feel more confident and think "I hope it stays that way".

When we ride we think about a lot of things... Especially when the scenery is similar, the brain starts to play tricks... You think about work, about the time you have to enjoy yourself, and about what it's like to really be alive.

You think about how you could do this all your life.... Live on the bike, sleep anywhere, earn a little money wherever you stop... In the end... Fantasies... But beautiful fantasies.

Tire Wheel Plant Sky Vehicle

I'm between "La mousquere" and "Loudenvielle", where I'll stop for a bite to eat anywhere. The scenery starts to be great... inevitably, I get off the bike to take pictures.

Cloud Sky Plant Working animal Tree

More in few seconds!

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Part 7 :

It's not long to Loudenvielle, but suddenly, a dreamlike landscape... real biker porn, surprises me.

Curves, curves, and more curves, perfectly smooth.

The music plays on my intercom, while I link curves one after the other... They are not easy to take... I'm a very clumsy biker. In the south of Spain there is a lot of straight and easy curves, I'm not used to it.

Tire Wheel Cloud Plant Sky

A funny thing happened in these places. For you this must be a silly thing, but for me it was something very exciting... When I was a teenager, one day, I heard a song in a documentary. At that time there was no Shazam, it was 1995.

I have been looking for that song for almost 30 years. I had it in my head, but the years were blurring it.

There it was.

For some strange reason, Spotify's algorithm decided that it was too much to wait for... The song started playing and I didn't realize it, but it was that song. Suddenly I realized... Like a real moron, I started to hallucinate with the incredible coincidence. I found it, and what's more, on this trip... I'm not a believer, I don't believe in religions, but sometimes, these coincidences are very, very strange.

The song : Oxford Suite (Part I) - Ed Alleyne-Johnson.

Meanwhile, other people were enjoying their own way through those mountains and skies.

Cloud Sky Parachute Atmosphere Paragliding

More comming soon!

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Part 8 :

I stop in Loudenvielle, and follow the same modus operandi as on other occasions. They are beautiful places but, I am usually practical and I stop to eat near a lake.

Many people go paragliding and there are many families having fun in the park. The kilometers are starting to weigh on me, so I take advantage of any moment to rest my back, or to call my wife and tell her how everything is going.

Wheel Tire Water resources Photograph Water

My next big stop will be Andorra. I will pass through Bagneres de Luchon and other villages. Andorra will be the biggest disappointment of the trip, with some funny anecdotes, soon you will know how I did there.

For the moment, I continue to enjoy another good amount of fabulous roads.

When I return to Seville, my hometown, I will miss them a lot. Any route in Seville is "pecata minuta" compared to this...

Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Automotive lighting

I pass Bagneres de Luchon and enter an incredible mountain pass.

The "Col du Portillon".

The views are also incredible from here. I find a commemorative monument where you can find a list of Spanish winners of the Tour de France.

Wheel Tire Cloud Sky Fuel tank

More tomorrow!

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Part 9 :

After resting for a while, I leave the monument to the Spanish cyclists who won the Tour de France and take a couple of pictures from the top. That little village you see is Viella, a beautiful village like many others in this area.

Sky Mountain Plant Ecoregion Cloud

I have a coffee and make a couple of calls... The weather here is warm, the 16 degrees Celsius are over, from now on, the temperature will be rising more and more.

Car Cloud Land vehicle Sky Building

The trip is coming to an end and I have a strange feeling.... I call it "The feeling of the end of the world".

You turn on the TV and you can see that everything is war, climate change, coronavirus, disasters of all kinds, fires, assassinations, threats of invasion to other countries, the price of gasoline and basic necessities...

All of this creates a sense of unease in me, but on the other hand, like the band on the Titanic, all I can do is shrug my shoulders and say to myself :

"Well, let's spend what we want and enjoy ourselves, there's little I can do. Let's live!"

After this "positive" thought within the negative world situation, and having passed the green landscapes of the deep Pyrenees, another mountain pass surprises me pleasantly.

Welcome to Baqueira, I can read on a sign. This ski resort is very famous, and in summer it becomes a must for bikers from all over the world.

Tire Cloud Wheel Sky Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Sky Fuel tank Mountain

Cloud Water Sky Fluvial landforms of streams Natural landscape

More in five seconds!

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Part 10 :

I leave Baqueira and after passing through several villages, I arrive at "Andorra la Vella".

The frenetic pace of this city saddens me. The environment is fantastic, but the city reminds me of those big cities without soul, with people walking fast from traffic light to traffic light.

Cars and motorcycles have no compassion for pedestrians either, and the vast majority exceed the speed limits in the city. Everything is chaos.

Otherwise, with the exception of a couple of monuments and some failed attempts at preciosity, this city is a giant shopping mall.

To top it off, although Andorra is part of Europe, roaming is ridiculously expensive and I am left without phone or internet. In France I had no problems, strangely enough.

Sky Building Daytime Street light Infrastructure

With a hellish heat, I try to find a parking lot for my dear V. I find one, but it is too far from the hotel... so I spend more than 1 hour looking, until finally, I locate a parking lot relatively close to the hotel.

My GPS has only saved a few data before running out of connection, so, after leaving the bike, I run out of GPS to get to the hotel, and loaded with the backpack and other things, it takes me almost 45 minutes to walk to the Hotel. I was in a very bad mood... that place accumulates negativity.

Sky Building Window Vehicle Plant

I arrive at the hotel and all I want to do is eat something I bought in a supermarket and sleep. I am not interested in anything in this city.

The next morning, my wife asks me to take some pictures of the capital of Andorra.

Reluctantly, I go for a walk and take some pictures. I walk towards a slope and with my cell phone in my hand, I notice a presence approaching behind me. It was a woman who was patiently waiting for me to take the photos, because she had no room to pass.

-"I'm sorry! I'm cutting you off, a thousand apologies," I said with an embarrassed look on my face.

-"No, don't worry, no problem," she said.

As I turned my head to the front, something unexpected happened. From the wall came a huge stone, as if out of nowhere. I took a brutal hit on my glasses, which somehow protected me from the impact. The sunglasses flew off, the noise was much worse than the blow itself, and the woman screamed in dismay.

-Oh my god! Im sorry!!! it was my fault!!! I'm so sorry!!!!

With a stupid face I told him: "No, it wasn't your fault, I didn't see the stone.... Don't worry, really !"

After the embarrassing event, I thought this commercial, super-capitalist place hated me. I hated him too, so, after taking a few pictures, I went to get the bike and said goodbye to the "mall city".

More in 2 hours or 2 days!

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Great write-up Hugo.atx sounds like a fantastic trip. Thanks for taking the time to post (y)
Thank you, man. When I got home, I felt that if I didn't write down everything that happened to me, I would forget everything, so I decided to write down absolutely everything I did, all the places I went, and all the people I talked to.

There are still some funny anecdotes.

Tomorrow I will continue with the chronicle.

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Part 11 :

Ecoregion Map World Line Atlas

I leave the hotel in Andorra and make my way to the parking lot where I left the bike. After a few streets full of annoying ads and the typical city traffic, I enter the parking lot.

I see a sign at the parking reception: "Millor parlem en català", (Let's speak in Catalan).

Anyone who doesn't understand the Spanish-Catalan conflict could be surprised by the sign... and even a Spaniard with a desire for a "verbal fight" could take advantage of it to create a conflict.

For me, that poster only wanted to say : "If you speak Spanish and Catalan, let's talk in Catalan". I might think that there is something negative in that approach, but really, I just want peace and I simply ask for the parking fee and that's it. The receptionist mixes seriousness and sympathy and I don't know which of the two to choose... I simply pay and leave this place that I will never return to in my life (I hope).

Friends, this is the last part of the trip. My intention was to reach "Perpignan", in France, and then descend from the coast to my main objective, Cap de Creus, which puts an end to the "transpirenaica"...

But the body starts to tell me "enough". I have done the whole route in a little less than 4-5 days, with the only break of the normal sleeping hours... Doing the whole coast from Perpignan would mean 5-6 hours of extra travel, (and I still have 1200 km of the return trip with a lot of heat and hateful highway).

So, for this reason, I decide to take an alternative route, go down a little earlier towards the south, and save almost 4 hours of travel this day. Only 260 km that will do my body a lot of good.

Finally, I decide to do this and head towards Catalonia, to "Terradas", y también "Sant Llorenç de la Muga" both beautiful villages in the area.

Sky Property Photograph Plant World

Dinner in a fantastic place in Sant Llorenç de la Muga and rest like never before.

It's the last day of the route and I can't stop thinking about how fast and short all the good things are...

I get up early to avoid the high temperatures and head to "Cap de Creus". The Vstrom is behaving fantastically well, I have NEVER been so comfortable on a bike, and I would never have been able to do so much distance without the slightest discomfort.

All the discomfort that I have, are the typical ones that you can have in any long trip with any bike, no matter how comfortable it is... My shoulders hurt, my butt, and nothing else. Yes, they hurt a lot, but they subside quickly as soon as I leave the bike and walk a little.

I've had bikes that were "supposed" to be comfortable, like a TDM 900, and for me it was a torture horse. Also a CBF600, which was great but not an adventure tourer like the Vstrom.

In short... The Vstrom is a bike for adventure and for these trips. It is perfect.

After several hundred km, I arrive in Cadaqués, which in turn, will take me to Cap de Creus.

I decide to go directly to Cap de Creus and put the icing on the cake... The landscape starts to get beautiful...

Cloud Sky Wheel Ecoregion Plant

The end in the next episode!

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Part 12 and the end..

Water Cloud Sky Plant Automotive tire

I am reaching my goal. Something strange is going on in my mind... it's related to time.

Do you like Mike Oldfield? He is a big fan of motorcycles... He has a Honda Blackbird, and one of his songs is called "Blackbird". He said this about his motorcycle and this song :

"I wanted to make a piece just with piano, where I used my last remaining real instrument, my 1982 Steinway. I borrowed the name from one of my motorbikes, as my whole garage is full of fast machines. One of them is a Honda Blackird. The piece is slower than the motorbike, but you can understand it like the way Stanley Kubrick used music in 2001: when you're driving, time feels slowed down, like a slow motion replay. I enjoy taking time out from the technology in my studio, and need a break, disappearing on my fast motorbikes. I've tried aircraft as well, and have my pilot's licence, but that was just too stressful. Motorbikes are much more relaxing"

I quite agree with Mr. Oldfield, but there is a hidden side to all this.

When time stands still for you, everything around you happens faster.

And so it happened. I felt as if I had not traveled. The past blurred with the present, as if it was yesterday when I left my city. It was an unpleasant feeling, as if everything was a strange illusion...

But, with time, I have learned that everything is in ourselves. When we get older, the sensations are different, and we have to learn to simply enjoy every second. I was excited to get to the end of my journey, and the scenarios were coming one after the other.

Tire Cloud Sky Wheel Plant

A friend told me over the phone :

"When you travel, even if it's a short time, things happen to you, things that don't happen in your usual life."

And indeed, there was still time for an anecdote. When I had barely 1 km to go to the "Cap de Creus", I found that the entrance to the lighthouse was closed, and a person was in charge of blocking the road.

You could only enter with a reservation to the restaurant that was in the lighthouse. I had no reservation, I had no idea.

I was very disappointed, it was not a brutal sadness, but, somehow, I felt that I had done a lot of kilometers and that I had to get to the lighthouse, to the cap.

Tire Cloud Sky Wheel Plant

So, I went to the person guarding the entrance, and spoke to him:

"Hey, is it completely impossible to get through?"

The guard : "Yes, you can't, you would have to walk, it's 5-6 km, but you can take a bus that is in the village, in Cadaques".

"Well, you know, I come the lighthouse that is totally west, in Hondarribia, it is very important for me to get with my bike to Cap de Creus.."

The Guard : "I'm sorry, I can't do anything.."

With my spirits very low, I go to the bike and take the opportunity to rest. I put my helmet back on, and I get on the bike... But suddenly the guard turns to me, and says these words to me:

The guard : "If you listen to me, you could have a great time..."

"How? What do you mean?"

The Guard : "I mean, if you listen to me, you can do whatever you want...".

I doubted if this man wanted to make some kind of strange deal with me, but, in the end, everything was much simpler. He reached into his pocket and handed me a card, on which was printed the name of the restaurant on the Cap.

The Guard: "Write down your license plate number on this card, tell the restaurant that you are coming from me, from "Melendi", the security guard. Buy or consume something in the restaurant, and everything will be fine for you".

"Are you telling me that if I go up and eat something in this restaurant, I can go up with my bike? Is it true?"

The Guard : "Yes, exactly"

"Sounds great, it's a deal!"

I was reborn again and got on the bike before the guard changed his mind. I could close the circle and get to my destination.

Finally, after barely 1 km of distance, there it was... 2000 km later, I have covered the longest distance on a motorcycle in my life.

Wheel Sky Tire Vehicle Photograph

And this is the end friends. I thank you all for the help with the technical doubts I had during the trip, they were really helpful and I felt pleasantly supported.

As a last comment, and although I may be a little insistent on this... I just want to tell you one thing...

Live, live as long as you can. Staying on the couch at home is fine, watching shows and working can be satisfying, but you are only REALLY YOU when you do what you love, and although it may seem hard to believe, this is hard to do. The routine traps you, the comfort makes you rethink adventures, but... What are you going to say when you are about to die? That you saw Stranger Things and that you worked in an office for 50 years?

Kick the ass of the "you" who doesn't want to leave, and get out. You won't regret it and whatever you do will be a part of you forever.

Fill your life with all these things, keep them deep in your heart, because you will need them on your grayest days.

As someone whose name I can't remember said "If you think adventure and risk is dangerous, you don't know the routine... it can be deadly".

Goodbye friends!
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