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I was just on the Transport Canada web site an this is what I found;

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Transport Canada Recall # 2015605

Recall Date 2015/12/21

Notification Type Safety Mfr

System Engine

Manufacturer Recall Number 113

Units Affected The number of vehicles or components affected by the recall. 1,664

Category Motorcycle

Recall Details

On certain motorcycles, contamination between the valve tappet and cam may cause the hardened surface of the valve tappet to peel if the surface shape of the valve tappet is convex. This would allow the inner part of the valve tappet to come in contact with the cam, which could cause both the valve tappet and cam to wear, increasing the valve tappet clearance. If the valve tappet clearance becomes large, it can result in an abnormal noise and can cause the engine to stall. An engine stall could lead to a loss of stability of the motorcycle, which could increase the risk of a crash causing injury and/or property damage. Correction: For motorcycles with odometer readings of 4,000 kilometers or greater, dealers will inspect the tappet clearances and will replace the valve tappets and camshafts if the valve tappets clearances are greater than the specification. For motorcycles with odometer readings of less than 4,000 kilometers, dealers will replace the tappets and camshafts, because the tappet clearances may be within the specification at low mileage even if there is abnormal wear.

Make Model Model Year(s) Affected

SUZUKI BURGMAN 650 (AN650A) 2013 2014
SUZUKI GLADIUS 650 (SFV650A) 2013 2014
SUZUKI GSX1250FA 2014 2015
SUZUKI GSX650A 2013 2014
SUZUKI V-STROM 650 (DL650A) 2013 2014

Date Modified:

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There is no information about this on the Suzuki Canada web site, only a Contact Us form to fill out with VIN info and a question.

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I talked to Suzuki Dealer couple of days ago. But no clear answer yet since Suzuki head office is closed untill next week.
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