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Recently did a TLH loop and one of the things we found was that a lot the information we were able to find was outdated. Mostly having to do with how much of the Highway was paved. Knowing which sections will take longer is obviously better because then you'll have a more accurate plan. So here is what we found as of May 24th 2017. The mileages are somewhat of an estimate but they're pretty close.

Baie-Comeau to Manic-Cinq 134 miles paved but poorly maintained with some potholes.

Services at Manic_Cinq include food, gas, misc store and gift shop and lodging – prices on food and gas are steep.

Manic-Cinq to Relais-Gabriel 62 miles deeper gravel with many curves and steep hills up and down until the last two or so miles before Relais Gabriel are paved.

Services include gas and lodging and apparently some food although these were the most expensive prices we saw the whole trip.

Relais_Gabriel to Labrador City 167 miles first 100 miles are wonderfully paved roads with gentle curves mostly, Gagnon is completely paved and there is plenty of room for camping. There’s and old airport or you can drive down to one of several lakes. The next 40 miles are unpaved easy gravel with sharp curves crossing railroad tracks several times (maybe 6?) around the fire lake region. Once you make it past Fermont it’s paved for the next 20 miles or so until you reach Labrador City.

There’s plenty of options between Fermont, Labrador City, and Wabush, but I think most people go to Lab City (that’s what we did). Lodging seemed reasonable given the very limited options and gas was steep.

Labrador City to Churchill Falls 150 miles all paved easy curvy roads.

Services in Churchill falls include one gas station, it’s pricey with a convenient store (it’s the same building) but I was able to get a wonderful 12 year Canadian Whiskey for about 14 American Dollars, which is crazy. They have a town center building which houses a restaurant, hotel, municipal services, grocery store and a few other things as well. It’s a very small and compact town.

Churchill Falls to Happy Valley/Goose Bay 178 miles all paved easy curvy roads.

We didn’t go to Happy Valley but I’m sure it’s similar and Goose Bay had all the amenities with several options for each which is nice, also the prices weren’t ghastly surprisingly considering you absolutely have to fuel up here. Lodging here was the most expensive for us on this trip however.

Happy Valley/Goose Bay to Port-Hope Simpson 251 miles. Bring extra fuel . The first 50-75 miles were wonderful pavement, however the rest begins with thin gravel nicely graded and straight allowing us to average 50-60mph until it hits sections of dirt, with tons of pot holes some of which were massive. This section alone is what will ruin your bike. This is also the only section in which we passed graders, multiple times. They seem to only grade a few miles at a time so it’s not that bad. The road then again gets much easier better graded and wider within 20 miles or so of Port Hope Simpson.

Services in Port hope include two gas stations right on the Translab so you don’t actually have to go into town. There is a grocery store in town, and a hotel with a restaurant. We didn’t want to stay at the Alexis Hotel because we had read a bunch of negative reviews but the restaurant is inside and we had lunch, the food was pretty good and reasonably priced, the staff was extremely nice and helpful and the view is amazing off the back deck. Didn’t see the actual rooms but the bathrooms were very clean so I can only assume that management changed or it’s just a few bad apples.

Port-Hope Simpson to Blanc-Sablon 132 miles, easy graded gravel until Red Bay then it’s back to narrowish pot holed and bumpy pavement to the ferry. We stayed in Mary’s Harbor which was ok, the hotel/restaurant is warm and comfortable, staff is extremely nice. I can’t speak for Redbay, Lodge Bay, or Henley Harbor because we kind of just breezed by but as you get closer to Blanc-Sablon there is far more amenities. Once you’re past Pinware every town has gas and lodging and nice views.

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