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trade-in time...NT700V

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Sorry for the long post but need some advise Stromtroopers...
am suppose to go ride a NT700V today, as in within a few hours but uncertain if I should do the trade as well as spend the money.
Thanks for any input

Had a vstrom650 2009 abs but had a weird rattle/pitch sound I could not stand though did hear it on one other 2009 (I think) 650 but not others. Fast forward to my 2008 vstrom dl1000 (non-abs of course), 17,800 miles; traded a guy straight up his for mine. Present day...have put only 1,000 miles on the bike in a year. Grand thoughts of using it on some grass/dirt/gravel roads riding here/there or even up in GA never happened. Normally drive a car to work, 3 miles each way.

Hopefully no flames but considering trading it in on a left over 2010 honda NT700V with abs. Dealer is offer 4,500 in trade though of course the are not discounting their bike another $500 more like I would like but they are offer it for $10,450 plus my trade-in of $4,500. Thoughts on each bike below

Vstrom good pionts (for me)
1. ease of access to bike for service, I pay the dealer to do that stuff so less cost taking plastic parts off
2. plenty of power and, for the most part, smooth enough for me
3. Louder then I might like but nice exhaust note
Bad points (for me)
1. I must not love it since I don't ride it
2. A bit tall in the saddle for me (30" inseam) but I can hold her up just not flat footed on both legs
3. Chain and side bags that have mounts attached to me; turn on off design 3 point mount.

Good points to me
1. I hear it is like a pacific coast, not entirey bad in my book
2. entergated side bags, shaft drive (rode beemers for many years)
3. suppose to be very dependable, though so is the dl1000
4. small fairing and manually adjustable windscreen
5. Might be the best trade-in money I could get for the Vstrom with the economy the way it is now days.

1. probably like the weestrom in that at the higher speeds it will not be as smooth as the dl1000; once going 65 to 80 (have not ridden it yet though)

My ride has these things on it -
Strom cases
SW Motech locking racks
Stebel horn
Givi crash bars
V-stream windshield
Handlebar rises (I like these a lot)
Continetal Trail Attack tires (as if I would know what those are by looking)
Gold Chain
New brakes front and rear
Runs Amsoil since new
Above info is from first owner
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NT700 is just too under powered for me.
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