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Touch up paint

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I see that Suzuki doesn't make touch-up paint and I can't find the pearl white color of my 2020 1050xt (white / orange) on the few websites that make after market matching paint.
From what I can tell the color code is B1F.

I'm at a point that any pearl white paint is better than a fully matching one, before rust gets in there.

Has anyone been able to find this paint or something close to it?

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I believe that the white on 2020 DL1050 XT's is YUH Pearl Brilliant White.

If the above link does not work start your own search here:
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I believe that the white on 2020 DL1050 XT's is YUH Pearl Brilliant White.
Thanks for the reply. I'll check out YUH color as this seems the be the only white color I can find.

The B1F code came from here:

I looked up 2020 1050XT tanks and Suzuki has 3 of them with 3 part numbers:

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Some websites such as allow you to search for your paint by selecting a make/model/year.
Some paints for your bike might not be listed so I figured if I could find other models using the same paint code.

Here's a way I came up with.

go to your search engine and search for:

site: <paint code>

for example,
site: yu1 - Google Search

where YU1 is the famous Suzuki yellow.

That search will look for all references to YU1 which the Suzuki part numbers seem to have in their description.

In my case, B1F is only used on the 1050XT
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I agree that there is a conflict between the two sources for which I have no answer. Surely the side panel, and the tank are the same color?
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