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Made my own 4 inch tool tube today. Had some ABS plastic laying around. Picked up the end pieces and got started. ImageUploadedByMO Free1367479428.230447.jpg
12 inch long 4 inch diameter tube. End prices, screw in caps, hose clamps and a sheet of rubber gasket material. ImageUploadedByMO Free1367479524.171567.jpg ImageUploadedByMO Free1367479532.944256.jpg
I used ABS cement to attach the two ends. Cut some strips of the rubber to go between the clamp and the tube. Then used a price of metal stock I had laying around to use as a brave.
ImageUploadedByMO Free1367479644.603799.jpg ImageUploadedByMO Free1367479659.802781.jpg
Holds a ton. Not sure what all to put in there. Good fun.

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