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Brand new wee owner (2004 with 21000 miles) with dreams of a big ride to South America. I'm putting together a tool tube and I'm wondering what goodies to include in it. Who knows what maintenance adventures I'll have, but I want to be prepared. My plan is to shop estate sales where I can for the good (yet cheap) stuff.

Here's my list. Comments most welcome.

Wrenches - 10, 12, 14, 17
8" adjustable wrench
4 bit screwdriver
Ratchet with 8, 12, 14, spark plug sockets
Vise grips
Allen wrench "knife"
Tire plug kit
Bead breaker
Chain breaker
Chain links
Chain lube
Pressure gauge
Electrical tape
Duct tape (naturally)
Assorted fasteners
Zip ties
Breaker bar

I know I can't rebuild the bike with this kit, but can I deal with the common emergencies? What would you include?

Now, will all this fit in the tube? I doubt it. I think the WD40 will be the first to go.

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I'm no expert with long rides experience but it occurres to me,
1. see how wide the jaws of the 8'" open up. Small adjustables = small jaws...I'd rather pack a bigger size and chop the handle down to what fits in the toolbag.
2.Delete WD40? .... yeah. two aerosol cans = wastes space IMO.
3. A full ductape roll eats space. I re-roll several LONG pieces onto anything that seems sensible like a flashlight or something.(Not difficult).
4.Didn't mention jumper cables. I made a mini set, something like braided 8 guage wire with little alligator clamps one end, a ring butt connector other end.
5. A piece of small hose to siphon gas. (Actually, DL has a perfect siphon hose on-board already. the gastank overflow hose, attaches to bottom of tank runs down to around footpeg is easy to pull off in a pinch.
6. Add an 8mm wrench and a 10mm socket.
7. Change 4 bit screwdriver to a super 8.
8. Add a has-evrything/ does-everything all in one tool gizmo. (don't know what they call them).

Last, I'd be paranoid about control levers and cables braking in a fall and or later start fraying. On a remote area adventure ride I'd pack spare levers and tape spare cables in-place to existing cables on the throttle and clutch. Brake hoses... I have more confidence in reliability.

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Thanks for the input.

1. Okay, maybe a 10" wrench. Should still fit.
2. Don't they sell mini cans of this stuff?
3. Actually, I'll be bringing Gaffer's tape from the film industry. Similar characteristics, more durable, less goo, and comes in short rolls with small cores. Perfect.
4. Added to the list. (But what's a ring butt connector? Do I want to know?)
5. Small hose. Check.
6. Added to the list.
7. What's a super 8?
8. I'll have a Leatherman in my pocket - doesn't count as part of the tool kit.

Also, a pair of pliers and some JB Weld.
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