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I'm gonna brag on myself a bit here because I'm proud of making the right decision.

Last Monday I took a bus down to Bismarck, about 120 miles away to pick up a new 2013 V-strom 650, my first motorcycle although I've ridden a few thousand on a 175cc scooter. I got there in the morning but had to wait until about noon for a top case to arrive. So I spent some time getting used to the bike on quiet backroads. I was feeling pretty comfortable. Comfortable enough to ride it home.

So I headed out on the highway. Now there is a saying about North Dakota that goes "there's a pretty girl behind every tree". But it's ND, so there are no trees. A side effect of that is frequent high winds. And they were blowing that day.

I made it a few miles down the road, but kept getting gusts that made me very unsettled and at the edge of control. So I made the first good decision of the day and decided to go back to town to wait for the winds to die down.

I caught a movie then waited at a coffee shop. I was hoping the winds would die before it got too dark. Well they started to calm, but I would have been in the dark for part of my ride. So I called work and told them I would be late the next day and got a hotel. Even though I knew if I left that evening the temps would be comfortable, but the morning would be cold.

So I got up in the morning, scraped the frost off my seat, and left for home. It wasn't a very comfortable ride, but it was a safe ride.

Point of the story is never be afraid of making the firm decision that conditions exceed your skill level and what you're comfortable with. And if you're struggling with the decision and feeling pressured to go, talk to someone who you trust to pressure you make the right decision. Pressure works both ways.

Beyond that, loving the new V. Now to wait for it to stop snowing.
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