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Just went over the repair estimate for my 02 VS with my shop.

The bike can be repaired properly the frame is not bent.

OK here are the major things to be fixed:

Lower Tripple Clamp
Steering Shaft
Head Bearings
Fork tubes
1 front rotor
Both mounting blocks and foot pegs
Foot controls both sides
Handle bars
Head lights
Crash Bars
Both stands

The estimate was about $7000 Cnd for the parts, labour has to be at least $1800 . This is right on the edge of the insurance company writing it off.

If I had it repaired then you have a bike that looses some of its value. I plan on keep a VS for a while unless an another gets wrecked.

I figure on a new one If I had to pay $3000 Cnd at the most on top of what I received for my 02 VS with 23,000 KM on it that would work.

Here's what I have installed on the 02

Center stand
Luggage rack
Hand made Hwy pegs
Spacer in rear shock
Brand new Tourances

Will have to see what the adjuster gives me for my 02 VS.

If not the 02 gets repaired and I save some money in the short term.


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It looks like they will give me around $8500 Cnd + the taxes for my 02 VS , 23000 Km. They will also let me remove my add on's (luggage rack, center stand, Hwy Pegs) for free. I bought the bike as a demo model for $9500 Cnd. I figure a brand new 04 will be about $2500 out of my pocket out the door. If every thing works out I will be getting a Dark Blue 04 in which I can put my 02 Kappa luggage on it.

Scooter, bouncing off the walls not having a bike to ride. Then the new one I will have to break it in slowly. Oh the pain of it all !

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Can you buy it back?
Maybe pull the motor and put it into something like a Midget or lawn mower. :evil:

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Buy Back

The salvage resale cost is estimated around $2000. US. Putting that 1L motor into anything half the weight of the VS would be crazy, but I would like to see someone do it !

Yes, I have taken the plunge and am going to get the money for the bike.
Here is what is offered:

I figure this isn't to bad for an 02 VS with 23000Km.

Cnd $ Bike $ 8775.00

Tax Refund $ 1270.00

Total Say $ 10,050.00

US $ 7554.00

New VS

List Cnd$ 11,700

What I hope to deal for $ 10,500 + $150.00 frieght,PDF and Cnd Taxes

Total Cnd $ 12,200

Total US $ 9200

Considered the DL650 and would probably be safer on it with less power, but for my size the DL1000 is Kick Ass !

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