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I am going from NY to Trans Lab Hwy (gravel), riding around Labrador, then free-roaming around Newfoundland, then Nova Scotia on my DL650. I cant decide on what tires or tire combination I should put on for this trip. :headbang: I estimate it should be about 30% dirt/gravel and 70% road, total about 8,000 miles. Knobbies would be good for gravel/dirt, but I am worried about that 70% pavement, knobbies wearing out too quick and traction on pavement.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks, I am afraid that if I keep reading all those tire threads, I might end up needing only street tires...
That's what I thought, but after doing a 200+ miles Birkshire Big Adventure dirt ride last weekend, fishtailing through mud on my stock trailwings, I was about to reconsider. Guess that is the way to go after all.

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