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Tire-to-centerstand clearance

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Hi, folks,

I just got done bolting on a SW-Moto centerstand to my new-to-me '07 V-Strom 1000.

As is noted on an earlier thread, it looks like there's about 1/2" clearance between the right-hand ground pad and the rear tire, but about 1-1/2" clearance on the left-hand pad.

The installation is correct as far as I can tell - the bump plate lines up well with the spacer on the exhaust, the foot pad is in the right position to deploy the stand, and everything swings freely with no binding or catching.

From an eyeball check, there's also no obvious problem with the rear tire - the brake disk is in the caliper, the chain-adjustment markings are about equal (actually, the right one's showing a hair more of a notch, meaning - I think - more clearance for the centerstand), and it didn't feel weird or off-track when I rode the bike pre-center-stand. The rear wheel also spins without binding or catching when rotating by hand (up on the new centerstand).

The earlier thread didn't conclude - is this normal, or is something weird somewhere?

Thanks much,

- Lewellen180
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On my 09 650, the SW-Motech centerstand feet are roughly equidistant from the rear tire -- slightly closer on the right but not a full inch difference between sides like you have. Also both feet are well in front of the tire, so the side clearance isn't an issue anyway. Of course the mounting position could be slightly different between the 650 and the 1000, so maybe this is moot.
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