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Tire noise

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On my 2004, I went through several tires and don't recall any particular tire noise issues.

My 2011 came equipped with good old Trailwings, which oddly enough, impress me a lot with their nice handling on paved roads. (Note that the 2011 got a fork brace and Sonic springs within the first 200 miles.)

During a recent ride through the Cascades of Oregon on paved two lane roads I discovered what I think is a pretty loud "howling" noise from the front Trailwing.

Has anyone else noticed this? Does it get better or worse as the tire wears?

I can't really hear it at freeway speeds, presumably due to the wind noise covering it up.

Mike Brown
Vancouver, WA
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Front tire noise

Thanks everyone, I'm glad it's not just me. I'll probably go for an early replacement with a more street-oriented front tire. It will be interesting to see how much noise I notice from the rear Trailwing then.

I'm thinking I'll stay with Trailwings on the rear due to the very long life. (I got 10,800 miles out of my OEM trailwing on my 2004.)

BTW, I was running 33 PSI.

Take Care,

Mike Brown
Vancouver, WA
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