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Their gear really is a game changer. It’s a night and day difference for winter riding. That and their wireless controller is convenient and cool as hell (my two cents).
A thing I like about the W'n'S remote is that it has a lanyard.

That's a great backup in case the Velcro patch fails.

Also the little LEDs that light up when you adjust the knobs. Since the body of the controller lives in the jacket liner, I can't see its status LEDs.

With my old remote (for Gerbing wireless dual-channel controller) there was no lanyard or fitting for one. So I'd zip tie it to the handlebar, as I didn't trust the Velcro patch 100%.

Possibly one of my favorite features of the W'n'S controller living in my jacket liner is, just one wire to plug & unplug when I get on and off the bike. Formerly, I had to deal with connections for both the jacket liner and gloves.
81 - 81 of 81 Posts