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Start with front wheel & front axle off

Insert fork tubes one at a time, at approximate finished height, and tighten lower clamp pinch bolts in sequence. Step up 5 NM at a time till they're tight.

Secure big nut on top triple clamp, leaving the upper fork tube pinch bolts loose. If this nut is too tight, the steering will bind; if it is too loose your bearings will rattle. Spend the extra time and make sure it's right.

Loosen lower clamp pinch bolts to adjust fork tube height. Adjust one tube at a time and leave the other tube tight while adjusting the first tube. Repeat for the second tube.

Retighten lower clamp pinch bolts, in sequence, one then the other etc. 5NM at a time.

Tighten upper clamp pinch bolts in sequence as stated above.
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