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Throttle out of slow 2nd gear corners (sensitivity)

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Ok, so I have been a lurker here for a few months now and have decided to get thoughts on this question.

Is there any way to deal with low RPM surge that occurs above idle, but below the 3500 rpm stumbling area of the rpm range. Asking, because this bike is definately throttle sensitive and I am getting smoother and smoother, but at times cannot seem to keep it smooth when coming out of corners without a slight surge. It is mainly when I am taking a 2nd gear turn and beginning to apply throttle as I go through the corner. I have a PC III (currently using Dynojets stock map), tips cut out of the exhaust, secondary's are unknown at this point (bike is still new to me).

Thanks, and have found this site hugely informative, so thanks for everyone's feedback.
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The yosh tune will clean this up. My clutch is engaged at 1500 rpm no problem and with stock gearing. It comes off idle perfect now. I can let my clutch out with no throttle application at all and she takes right off willing to do any dirty deed asked of her. PAIR valve is no longer fuctioning as its dissconnected. It makes the bike lean off idle also.

The Vee can run well trust me, my dyno shop made a believer out of me. But it cost me about 4 mpg in the process.
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