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Throttle out of slow 2nd gear corners (sensitivity)

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Ok, so I have been a lurker here for a few months now and have decided to get thoughts on this question.

Is there any way to deal with low RPM surge that occurs above idle, but below the 3500 rpm stumbling area of the rpm range. Asking, because this bike is definately throttle sensitive and I am getting smoother and smoother, but at times cannot seem to keep it smooth when coming out of corners without a slight surge. It is mainly when I am taking a 2nd gear turn and beginning to apply throttle as I go through the corner. I have a PC III (currently using Dynojets stock map), tips cut out of the exhaust, secondary's are unknown at this point (bike is still new to me).

Thanks, and have found this site hugely informative, so thanks for everyone's feedback.
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PC III worked wonders on my Vee, pretty much eliminated the problem. But I have to say that the difference between low RPM 's on my Vee and on my C 14 is pretty amazing. The C 14 will pull very smoothly from much, much lower rpm's than the Strom. Not sure why, but it does.

Its interesting, I went from I4's to my Vee and then back to a really big I4.

It is not better, it's different. The speed difference is frankly startling. But having experienced it I'm pretty sure that I prefer the feel and sound of a V twin. Love the torque too.

Makes me wonder how much fun an SV 1000 would be--limited though it is in regards to comfort. That would be a cool pair to own. The Connie for two up riding and the SV for that great solitary run you sometimes have to make.
To answer your question when I got my PCIII my local Suzuki shop--Dynotune certified--did a very basic clean up of the map that came with the module. The charge was minimal, they did put it on the dyno, and the change it made in the bike was profound. They also had a complete remap they would do to maximize the performance of the bike--that would cost about $300.00.

I was happy with the Strom's rideability until her untimely death on Good Friday (God hates me).

I also have to give another "Bravo!!" to Suzuki City in Biloxi, Mississippi. The owner--Mike--is a class act. If you are within riding distance of his shop I highly recommend him. I have said this before--but given the truly awful reputation of so many bike shops today when you find a good one it is worth letting everybody know.

I hope you love your 'Strom as much as I did mine. Have fun!! Ride her like you stole her!!
T-boned a Toyota on my 'Strom.

My comment was very much tongue-in-cheek.
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