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throttle-lock slipping?

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Many thanks to Gary (aka "VALENTINE") for his discovery of a very effective <$20 throttle-lock. Some riders may have an issue with it slipping.
For $1.00 @ ACE HARDWARE you buy a small piece of 1 inch "non-skid" adhesive-back tape (generally applied to ladder steps --it has a coarse sandpaper texture to it).
Slit it lengthwise into a 1/2 inch X approx 5 inch strip & apply this to your grip. The throttle-lock now fits over the tape.
Result: No more slipping & still easy to disengage.
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Thanks for the idea. My throttle lock slips a little at times. I have the one that clips over the throttle grip not the home made one. I expect that this will fix that as well as the home made one.

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Just run a zip tie through one of the holes, down, and around the bottom, to squeeze the thing closed a little more.

If you're really bent on using something with adhesive you could always do a wrap of duct tape, instead of the zip tie. :roll:
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