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Throttle Body Synch - in Austin, Tx

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Howdy folks, first post... I would have posted earlier but the search function has answered any questions I've had.

I've had my new-to-me '04 Wee for a couple of months, coming from a 30+ year old 2 stroke Yamaha, I've been loving it! It has ~28k miles on it and since getting it I've done some basic maintenance on it myself, spark plugs, air filter, etc... the easy stuff.

I want to get the TB's synched, I could probably do it myself but am willing to pay a professional.

Can anybody recommend a shop around Austin that really knows these bikes and can do a synch correctly the first time?

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Zabor's on Burnet Rd should be able to do it, and everyone says they're great. If I ever pay someone to service my bike, that's where I'll take it.
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