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Number one was a first-gen Wee or Vee at the intersection of Highway 16 and The Blue Ridge Parkway. Silver or grey. Single bike. Single rider. We passed about 1/2-minute before I turned onto the parkway. Other rider was northbound on Hwy 16. Roughly 1:45 (I think?).

Number two was on Rte. 421 (?) - northern edge of Mountain City TN. Red first-gen Wee or Vee. Single bike. Single rider. I was about to turn right onto Rt. 91 headed to Damascus VA. Roughly 4 PM.

Number three was a new-gen Wee (black, Adventure, all the bags, etc) going by "The Hi-way Drive In" ("Dip Dog Stand") on the edge of Marion VA. Was headed south on Hwy. 11. Roughly 5 PM.

Was a glorious day for riding. I made a ~150 mile loop from the Marion area on Hwy. 16 to the BRP to Boone NC to Mountain City TN to Damascus VA then to Marion VA and home. Very nice indeed.
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