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This site is costing me money! It's giving me ideas on how to make the DL better, & for me it's needed.
I found a front Nissin brake assembly off a 954 to fix the woody brakes. The originals are not so bad under normal use, but from a higher speed, hard stop I found them lacking.
I didn't get as lucky as I was hoping for, but that's the way things often go for me (Murphy syndrome). It looks like I'll have to rebuild the calipers because they're dragging. I've released the bleed nipple to be sure there's no pressure, but the wheel still drags. :furious:
I have a CBR 1000 radial master cyilinder that Blair thinks I should use. Right now I'm waiting on lines from him, & some ATV Hi bars. Then I'll see how it all comes together.
Looking forward to better brakes. :thumbup:
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