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Those with SitandFly seat cover

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What size fits? Does the seat come on and off like stock?
I just got mine and I think it's an XXL and it's way too big. Doesn't fit tight and material in the way underneath.
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Seat is a bit tighter than stock. Mine fits more or less, and yes some of the material needs to be moved out of the way of the seat latches. Buy some thin bungee cord and simply tighten it to move it out of the way of the latches and seat pads. Mine isn't massively too large but I had to mess with it somewhat. Much smaller probably wouldn't have fitted.

If you have massive amounts of spare material I'd guess something is wrong but they aren't custom made for each model, it's pretty much some size fits all.
I found the original email and the vendor recommended XXL. This ain't gonna work for me. Oh well, can't win 'em all.
Sorry, no idea now what size mine was. I'd GUESS XXL yes, but it was a lot of years ago. Those things last a long time.
Mine was XXL and I rolled it underneath the seat and used zip ties to tighten it up. Looks stock (y)
I have the XXL and cut some off. I stapled it to the seat after I check to see if it work.Remember to get a good quality clear tape to protected the tank.
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thx everyone
I may try to modify it. Can't expect too much for that price. Seems an XL might fit better.
I have the XL on my stock 2014 seat, and it fit perfectly. You do have to tweak it a bit to keep the elastics away from the latches etc.
I may try an XL.

One thing I will add is the vendor is not returning my emails, which basically state the cover doesn't fit right.
I bought mine directly from the manufacturer in Israel. Super good service and communication.
He emailed me just now. Wants a pic of my seat. Took him a little while. Not complaining.
By "the vendor", do you mean the manufacturer in Israel, or the eBay seller who markets these in the US?

The eBay seller does not have an XL (I asked), has multiple, confusing listings, and basically doesn't seem to know the product. Another fellow here told me that the manufacturer recommends XL for these bikes, and further said that XL fit his OEM "tall" seat just as well as the standard. However, shipping will take longer from overseas.

The XXL is simply too big.

Edit: I don't have direct experience with the XL. I returned the XXL, and ended up happy with a Bead Rider instead, so I don't have a Guess n' Ride.
It shipped from Israel. Pics to come.
Here are the pics I'm sending. It fits loosely side to side except for the front where there is extra material that is in the way. So there is no tension front to back, and the cover slides easily on the seat. The seat measures about 71 cm on the top and 33 cm across. It's just a bad fit out of the box.
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Definitely looser than mine, particularly that area at the rear, if I wasn't such a lazy SOB I'd head out to the garage in heavy rain and take pics here as well. This has been on the bike (2014 DL1000) since I got it, something like 5 years. It looks a tad small but it has an Ebay gel waffle seatpad stuffed under the S&F on the other side.
The thing stuffed into the seat base is a tire deflator wrapped in a baggy, set to 28PSI. Highly recommend that as well if you end up riding off seal.

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I've got an XL on my 2017. Not sure of the seat difference between model years though.
I purchased a XXL from Paulibiker on ADVrider for my '19 650 Strom. Got it in 3 days and it fits perfectly on the stock seat.
I have an XL on my 2006 1000 and it fits very well. You need to be careful routing the straps because they line up with the rear seat mounts but it not a big deal. I just did a 3000 mile trip through Quebec , Labrador, Newfoundland etc and found the seat cover excellant as far as butt comfort went. No hot spots or rash after 10 days. Wish they had one that would fit my FJR.
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