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My bike has had the surge at 2800 rpm since new. I have a 1000. I recently had it checked over at the local shop and they found the rear throttle body not real snug in the boot. Even with the factory clamp tightened all the way down it wasn't real tight. They replaced the factory clamps with aftermarket ones and tightened them down. Now the throttle bodies are tight in the boots.

This eliminated the surge at 2800 for me. I can still get it to try and surge at 2500 in second gear if 3 bars are showing on the temp gauge. (example:just coming off the highway, stopping at a stop light, then riding on a residential street at 25 mph in second) I think on this motor that is close to lugging the engine, after all its not a Intruder type V twin. With 2 bars showing it won't surge at 2500 rpm.

Evidently the factory clamps aren't that great and the boots take a set after a while. I had 5000 miles on it when I took it in. Kind of like hose clamps on a new radiator hose.

Anyway, this is a very cheap fix for those that find this condition. The mechanic told me the afermarket clamps were thinner and fit better.

He also checked the mixture with an exhaust gas analyzer while riding the bike around. ( he has a device where he sticks the probe in the muffler and carries the thing that records the data in a backpack then downloads the data into his computer when he gets back to the shop.) He said the mixture looks good through the rpm range. My bike is stock except for a 1" hole drilled through the inner baffle plate so I know sticking the probe down into the mid pipe wasn't a problem.

Anyway this is the best my bike has run since I have had it.
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