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Hey all,

Here’s my shout-out of thanks to the forum. I’m a brand new owner of a black 2011 WeeStrom, and I’m in debt to you all for all the info that really made purchasing this bike so easy. It especially helped me get a decent deal since I didn’t sound like a total noob – which I am!

Currently the bike is farkle-free except for the Givi E55 topcase I have on order (based on all the good things I read about Givi on this forum). My wife is even more excited about the bike than I am and we look forward to many excursions together, and we wanted a decent bit of storage for day trips.

Even the word ‘farkle’ is a recent vocab acquisition that I blame you guys on! I can see how reading this forum might entice me to spend more than the bike itself on upgrades but I’m going to do my best to hold off for a while and just enjoy the bike. I did raise the windscreen and this definitely cut down on the wind noise (I’m 6”2”). I am surprised, however, that the stock bike doesn’t do anything to accommodate GPSs – you’d think they’d at least provide a power socket on an “adventure” bike. Oh well, I can see this being one of the early farklizations.

I’m real impressed by the sense of forum community – I had no idea that the Vstrom had such a great community. It was very cool to read that some stranded Vstromer was taken in and provided safe haven.

Hope I don’t bring neighborhood down too much. ;)

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