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I've had my wee for many years and have regularly given thought to installing a skid plate and crash bars for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which are the occasional single track areas I sometimes get to ride and that oil filter hanging out in the wind. Time and money always impeded.

However, a little while back I learned about Outback Motortek. Lorry Gombos sells a select few well-made products in Canada the US and in the EU, all manufactured in Hungary. And the prices are really good. It turns out Lorry runs his Canadian operation and lives not far from me, so I met up with him recently and picked up his crash bars and skid plate for, get this, $299, including taxes. See here for the tale of the install.

The crash bars and skid plate were tested out yesterday in downtown Toronto. To get out of a traffic jam I hopped a tall curb and the skid plate nicely slid over the concrete - didn't even make any marks. And later, where I was parked near the St. Lawrence Market I watched a guy open the door of his shiny, black, new-looking BMW, into the right side crash bar. There wasn't a mark on the crash bar, and since he hadn't knocked the bike over I stayed back and watched him fret over the chipped paint on his car door.

City hazards rather than outback adventures, but anything to justify spending motorcycle money is good.
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