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First let me say that I found Stromette's thread super duper helpful so I wanted to provide the same details on what I use for my bike.

1. Hard Luggage - Givi E21M Flat Black Monokey Sidecases with Givi Monokey Racks from (talked to Glen, super nice guy). I really like this setup, it was inexpensive and it is modular (bags can be used on other bikes).

2. Windscreen - Cee Bailey's +6 clear screen, ordered direct from which was easy. Nice screen, I did a write-up on it earlier in the year.

3. Exhaust - Staintune slip on stainless muffler. SpeedStar recommended this to me, and it is awesome in terms of sound, fit, finish, performance. Pricey, but after living with it for a year or so I would never go back to stock.

4. Oil / Filtration - Amsoil AMF 10W40 with SMF109 filter. Good stuff. I change oil & filter once a year (at the end of the season). I believe the AMF has been replaced by MCF which I believe is just their new blend, so I get to use that in another month or so. Check for details.

5. Hand Guards - Factory Suzuki units from which are nice factory looking parts. They don't have that cool racey look, but they work well for wind / debris protection. They would do nothing in a crash except fall off though.

6. Grip Heaters - Factory Suzuki units from with rheostat controller. These are awesome. I love factory plug & play units and these work really well. As noted, the left side is always hotter than the right side due to the throttle tube being there on the right to act like an insulator, but overall very nice units and they really keep me warm.

7. Dash Shelf - Pat Walsh designs shelf ordered direct from the man himself. This is such a cool little shelf that I originally got to mount the radar detector. I bought some fat neoprene washers to slip between the shelf and the fairing, provides better grip and protects the fairing paint. I really like it and it looks factory.

8. 12V Power Outlets - twin PowerLet units, one for my radar detector (with 21mm large plug) and one for my heated vest on the left side (with the smaller BMW style plug) ordered direct from I googled on the company and realized they are close by so I went there. Met the owner and took a tour of the shop. Cool place, cool guy, love his products. They work and they appear military spec.

9. Motorcycle Cover - wolf motorcycle products size XL cover from Wal Mart, it was cheap (did a review on here somewhere). I like it for $25 or whatever it works great.

10. Radar Detector - Valentine 1 without remote display, sits right on dash shelf nicely velcro'd in place with industrial velcro ordered from

11. Riding Apparrel
- boots Alpinestars touring from BMW of Detroit.
- jacket & pants Joe Rocket ballistic 5.0 layered from Rec Leisure
- gloves Joe Rocket waterproof touring & also lightweight non-waterproof gauntlet style gloves also from Rec Leisure
- helmet KBC force "S" full face from about $150 shipped
- helmet liner(s) schampa head only (lightweight) and another schampa full face (heavyweight) from the local motorcycle shows, about $10 each

12. Frame Sliders - Motovation USA frame sliders and swingarm sliders from which I really like. They fit awesome and look really good. I think the whole set was about $110 shipped and they were super fast and easy to deal with.

13. Tank Bag - teknic sport hugs @ss bag that is way too big. It was on sale at Rec Leisure so I tried it but I want something smaller. It also wobbles alot side to side under mild wind which is really annoying. Not recommended for the Strom. I tried a Cortech Sport Mini Magnetic and it was what I am looking for. Ordered one.

14. Throttle Control - cramp buster wide / large diameter (to fit over larger diameter heated grips) which I really like. I wanted a Kaoko but could not find one in time for a ride, so I settled on the crampbuster for $11 direct from their website and I am really impressed. It is such a nice litte gadget.

15. Heated Clothing - gerbing's vest with remote controller. A must have for extending the season.
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