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I was a bit worried how this new bike would take to the road. It got hauled home in a pickup, washed and waxed [including stuff like the centrestand] and sat in the garage. I tried to get out yesterday but the weather sucked. Today was better , cloudy but temps in the 45-50 F range.

I find it ridiculous that the manual tells you not to lug the engine while breaking in, but also says you should be shifting to 6th gear at 60 KPH. All the manuals I have ever seen give equally dumb shifts points.

I had the windshield in the highest position and it was adequate. A little noise, and little wind, but nothing too bad. For the riding I do [long distance touring] I’ll want something wider and about 3-4” taller.

The heat gauge is interesting. In Daytona at 85 F it sat at 3 bars. All day today riding, it sat at 3 bars. On my ST it would rise to ¾ when hot or crawling but in colder temps it sat barely above the “C”, maybe 1/5.

I filled up right to the brim. 1 bar= 100 k, 2 bars= 200 k, 3 bars= 295 k. Very linear progression, although I’d expect the last bars to drop more quickly. I didn’t refill so can’t estimate gas mileage but break in generates falsely high results anyway.

It pulls well in all gears but this is hard to gauge when you’re trying to keep the RPM down to 5,000. It’s the first V twin I’ve owned so I can only compare it with my ST1100 and DR650. The ST pulls like an electric motor, smooth and strong at all RPMs. This one likes to be wound up a bit. It handles 110 KPH, 70 MPH fine without lugging in 6th gear. I suspect it will really uncork when the RPM range can be used. Today I felt like I was using ½ an inch of the throttle.

I stayed out for 3.5 hours without a stop. Yes my ass was sore but I haven’t ridden since Oct and I expect it. The seat is firm and once I can shape it to my shape, will be fine. The saddle is really a bucket so it’s hard to move fore and aft, but leg dangling works well because of the bike’s height.

The handebars fit me just right so I don’t think I’ll change them. I do find the grips too hard and too narrow so I’ll put on some foam barrels.

The front end is very stiff [others have mentioned this]. Not sure if it will loosen up with time [most stock springs only last a year or 2 for me], needs lighter fork oil, or I will just get used to it. It’s not noticeable on the highway but a 10 mile stretch of gravel washboard would have you at the dentist for new fillings.

Tonight I’ll dump the oil and look for metal.

Next report: 1,000 k, hopefully by Sunday

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