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Probably the first thing you will want to master on any new modern bike are the electronic settings on the (now usual) electronic display. So then, on taking delivery of my new bike earlier this week I sat down to read the handbook to try and decipher the complexity of the various settings and to understand where everything was on the display.
HOWEVER, this was made unnecessarily difficult by the technical drawing of the display being so RIDICULOUSLY fact 'minute!'
It was almost completely unreadable......only maybe 1" x 1.5" with 20+ pointers to the various parts of the screen.
As a creator of customer assembly instructions for home-assembly furniture I am VERY well aware of the need to maximise images to make them as clear as possible. These images in the vehicle handbook are RIDICULOUS! Almost impossible to see with MICROSCOPICALLY small icons!
Come on Suzuki. These were SO BAD that I gave up reading and just went out and 'played' with the buttons to see what would happen!
Dedicate one ENTIRE page to a decent sized image (not 1/4 of the page.......with lots of unused blank white space all around it!)

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