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Well I have finally got the old KLR650 ready to roll again.

The tank is back on, hopefully the leak is fixed....but only some rough tracks and time will tell if Araldite works as a fix.

Fitted a new headlight globe of higher wattage [the old one blew both elements-rare for both to go so soon one after the other].

Secured the broken left hand rear indicator with cable ties [I love cable ties :fineprint: ].

Replaced/tightened all the missing/wrong size/loose bolts the bike shop didn't do properly :furious:

I'm hoping the work they did on the forks and water pump is better than what they did hanging the ancillary parts of the bike back on or I will be back there for an :argue:

Got a rack on so I can throw my soft panniers on, need to do a bit of a mod so they don't sag in against the muffler though.

Working the middle of the day tomorrow [Sunday] so little chance of much of a ride, Monday off though so hoping to get a chance for some trails then. :thumbup:

I'm going to explore locally for trails up in the mountains where I can get the Wee in to camp [better to let the KLR take any damage if I get to enthusiastic about a particular inviting, unknown track :yesnod: :green_lol: ]
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