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"The corner" revisited

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As some of you may know I crashed back in July of last year. ( Nothing too major but it resulted in a broken left thumb & "road rash" to my bike.

Fast forward to yesterday....

I was on a "command sponsored ride" from one base to another. The destination base was on the road that I crashed on. I had to ride through the very corner that I crashed on in both directions. Needless to say I was a little worried/freaked out, but alas I took a deep breath...SLOWED DOWN...& made it through with no problems!

I see WHY I crashed, too. That corner is VERY DIFFICULT!!! I knew that I was going to have to "man up" sooner or later & go down that road again just to "jump back on the horse". I'm just glad that it had a positive outcome!

Ride safe!!
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When you fall off the horse, get straight back on.

At least you walked away from the fall. :yesnod:

Well done, and you have observed why the corner caught you out the first time. :thumbup:
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