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Got the rear brake pads and rear SS line yesterday. Will get them installed today and get the Wee back on the road.

This is actually the second time I have purchased the rear SS brake line. I received the first one but did not put it on right away and it sat on my work bench.

This summer my brother and I did a 4300 mile to the Dakota's and Wisconsin. Since he lives in the Chicago area he road down here on his Ninja 650 for the first part of his leg. Just before leaving Chicago he replaced the chain on his bike and took the rear tire off in the process of doing so.

The next day he left for Atlanta and about 100 miles into the trip he hears this rattling as he slows down for a construction zone. He looks down to see his rear brake caliper bouncing along side his bike with the only thing holding it to the bike being a pretty chewed up brake line. Then it dawns on him he never tightened the brake caliper bolts (I hate those moments!).

He cuts the line and calls me and asks be to check into few shops for Ninja 650 rear brake line and caliper mounting bolts. Everything is on backorder... I guess no one inventories parts anymore.

He finishes the rest of the leg on the front brake and We start going through my stuff and my bike. We find that the DL650 SS rear brake line I bought fits his Ninja 650 fairly well - so on it went and we left the next day on the rest of the trip.

He has been a happy non-customer every since!
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