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I brought my nephew's 2012 DL1000 up to the Bay Area on a trailer. Burnt valve, rotor magnet in orbit, and assorted problems. I've been riding and wrenching for 40 plus years...bikes are in my DNA. Used to be, when you got stuck fixing your scoot you would go to the local bike shop ask questions and hopefully be able to get back on the road. That was part of the unspoken biker brotherhood and it was good! I am happy to see that this "brotherhood" lives on in a BIG way here on the forums. Whether here or in the U.K. and worldwide, the spirit lives on and is larger than ever!
All this is part of my saying thank you to Greywolf, Realshelby and all the other riders who generously give their victories and sometimes defeats in order to help the rest of us get back on the road. Again...thanks.


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